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1970 Dutch Boy Cadets


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Repertoire:The Bucket, Drum Solo, Frère Jacques

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In the fall of 1969, out of concern for a Junior Boy's Drum Corps by some interested parents, namely Don Scott, Ruth Scott and Stanley Young, a Junior Boy's Drum Corps was born. During the winter and spring of 1970 a group of twenty-eight eager but inexperienced boys, ranging from eight to fifteen years of age, undertook to master some well used instruments into an ear pleasing presentation of Drum Corps Music, for the pleasure of the public and the self-satisfaction to the boy, of his own involvement. The growth of the Corps was so rapid they soon required more assistance, namely Don Poole and Peter Vanderkolff and later Nancy Fries and Tom Baggett. In the Standstill Class, the 1970 Ontario Championships placed fourth and the National Championships placed third.
Frère Jacques - Rob Dunnington
Season Highlights:
1970 Ontario Novice
Corps Director:Don Scott

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Teaching Staff
Brass:Don Poole, Jack Turner
Percussion:Stan Young
Visual:Ingrid Poschner, Peter Vanderkolff
Auxiliary:Ingrid Poschner

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Drum Major:Kevin Budding
Brass:Soprano: Tim Bignell, Mark Fries, Doug Huras, Carl Lachenbaurer, Craig Schelter, Brian Scott, Jamie Scott
Baritone: Rob Dunnington, Les (Kent) Kauffeldt
Percussion:Snare: Craig Bignell, Anthony Ibele, Tim Maurer
Tenors: Tony Lidstone
Bass: Robert Scott
Cymbals: Stephen Vanderkolff
Auxiliary:Yvonne Devlin, Anita Hoekstra, Rick Hoekstra, Ron Hoekstra
Unknown:Ed Devlin
21 of 31 marching members registered for this year